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Service Jobs Lawyer/Government Jobs Lawyer

Bhatt & Joshi Associates is a premier law firm in Gujarat, providing comprehensive legal services and expert counsel on service matters. Our team of highly skilled and competent Service Lawyers/Advocates specializes in handling a wide range of Service Matters at different levels in the Judicial Hierarchy, i.e., High Court, Central Administrative Tribunal, Education Tribunal, and others.


Service Law is a unique form of Civil Jurisprudence in the field of Administrative Law that deals with the relationship between a government employee and the government employer. The service jurisprudence in India is a complex and specialized field that requires in-depth knowledge of various laws and regulations governing the employment of government servants at the Central, State, and Local Bodies.


The Civil Service Rules that govern the services of government employees are complex and varied, with different rules and regulations at different stages of the employment lifecycle, including Recruitment, Waiting List, Promotion, Lien, Transfer, Retirement, Pension, Gratuity, and other aspects of a government employee’s service. Our team of Service Lawyers has a detailed understanding of these laws and regulations, enabling us to provide the best possible legal support to our clients.

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