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Taxation is an important field of Legal services in Gujarat, India hence one needs a highly qualified and experienced Taxation lawyer in Gujarat, India. Bhatt & Joshi Associates, is a full service Lawyer Firm having the best set of Tax Lawyers / Taxation Lawyers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have Income Tax Lawyers and Goods and Service Tax Lawyers having in-depth knowledge of all All legal services in the fields of Taxation laws, such as Tax Lawyer, Income Tax Advisers, Tax Appeals Advisers Tax Law Compliance And Returns, Tax Law Documentation, Legal advice as Tax Lawyer forum for all matters related to Tax and litigation services in the fields of income tax, Goods and services tax compliance, registration services, litigation services in the fields of Income Tax and Goods and Service Tax. 


Tax Lawyers - Bhatt & Joshi Asscoiates

At our firm we have a set of skilled, experienced, professional Income Tax Lawyers, Goods and Service Tax Lawyers, Direct Tax Lawyers, Indirect Tax Lawyers (Legal Experts) to the matter of Direct and Indirect Taxation.



  1. CORPORATE TAX – Our Tax Lawyers and Tax Consultant Team is a dedicated group of professionals, Tax Lawyers  rich in experience on Tax and Regulatory matters on both the sides; i.e. a combination of Income Tax Lawyers and GST Lawyers;
  2. INCOME TAX – Advice and filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR), reply to show cause notice, tax lawyer support scrutiny, during Dual Taxation advice, foreign tax advice, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) compliance, Compliance of the RBI Guidelines for investors, foreign investments;
  3. GOODS AND SERVICE TAX – Advice and compliance of various kinds of taxes including Direct Taxation and Indirect Taxation;
  4. ENTRY LEVEL STRATEGY – Our team of Tax Lawyers, and Tax Consultants Advice on current government policies in relation to Foreign Investment (inbound) and Repatriation. Legal taxation services for foreign companies, NRIs by highly qualified Taxation lawyer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  5. LITIGATION SUPPORT – Our Tax Lawyers and Tax Consultants provide advisory and support services to enhance the levels of corporate governance within the organization. All kinds of Income Tax Appeals, Appeals before the tribunals; Many of the Tax Matters, involving complex questions of Taxation law also reaches upto High Court and Supreme Court, where our team of Tax Lawyers is equipped to handle complex questions of Taxation Law; be it Direct tax or Indirect tax. 
  6. TAX DOCUMENTATION – Our Tax Lawyers and Tax Consultants provide the services of Tax Lawyers in Gujarat, India for Tax law documentation and Tax lawyer, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India for online legal documentation and online advice related to tax laws;




  • Combination of Experienced Lawyers and Young Lawyers: A Firm having the team of energetic, dynamic young blood with a combination of most experienced, specialist Tax Lawyers and tax consultants. An in-house team for legal advice in terms of highly skilled Tax Lawyers for all contingent Tax Law matters to provide online legal advice and services. Helpdesk for Legal services related to all disputed Legal Taxation services for foreign companies and NRIs
  • Research: Good legitimate research abilities are required to look into important case laws, points of reference, corrections to help the contentions. A Tax Law firm specializing in the fields of full spectrum of Taxation Laws, providing the services of Taxation lawyers for all; Individuals, NRIs, Corporates etc.
  • Fact collection: Tax matters are inherently complex and have complicated sets of facts intertwined with each other. The most appropriate arrangements or parcel of points of reference to help the argument are essential for a tax lawyer. Thus, a TaxLawyer ought to have that ability to assess every one of the potential outcomes before presenting the same.
  • Representation: It is most important for a Tax Lawyer to deeply understand facts and most aptly represent them before presiding officer, be it Appellate Tribunal or High Court. It must be understood that any important evidence missed out at the stage of original proceedings, affects the case at every stage of appeal. And as we know, Tax litigations depending upon the complexity has all likelihood to travel from High Court to Supreme Court.
  • Detailed Knowledge of Diverse Areas of Law: It is equally important that your Tax  Lawyer has a grip over diverse areas of Law. Many times there are multiple remedies may be available and it will be upto your Tax lawyer, who will decide the most appropriate remedy in the given facts and circumstances of your case. All services in the fields of GST and Income Tax Act. Because a Direction Taxation issue will definitely give rise to an issue of Indirect Tax. Therefore, your Tax lawyer should know both the areas of law also known as Dual Taxation advice. Your firm must also be competent enough to provide foreign tax advice, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) compliance and Compliance of the RBI Guidelines for investors, foreign investments because they all are intertwined.
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