Delhi High Court on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Case name: Shanta Kumar v. Centre of Scientific and Industrial Research & Ors.

In this recent ruling, the Delhi High Court was confronted with an alleged case of sexual harassment at workplace.

The Court made following observations in the case:

  • That undoubtedly, physical contact or advances would constitute sexual harassment provided such physical contact is a part of the sexually determined behaviour. Such physical contact must be in the context of a behaviour which is sexually oriented. Plainly, a mere accidental physical contact, even though unwelcome, would not amount to sexual harassment.
  • That a physical contact which has no undertone of a sexual nature and is not occasioned by the gender of the complainant may not necessarily amount to sexual harassment.

That all physical contact cannot be termed as sexual harassment and only a physical contact or advances which are in the nature of an “unwelcome sexually determined behaviour” would amount to sexual harassment.