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About Practice

Our legal firm Bhatt & Joshi Associates, Ahmedabad offers a competant team of Property lawyers that provide required assistance, support, and advisory.

Bhatt & Joshi Associates, Ahmedabad has skilled, experienced, professional lawyers (Legal Experts) dealing with issues relating to Property Matters. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all Substantive Laws such as Contract Law, Specific Relief Act, Land Revenue Act, RERA, Town Planning Act, and the Civil Procedure Code with a detailed understanding of Statutory Interpretation with strong logical, analytical, and persuasive abilities. It should be acknowledged that Property law matters are usually complex and involve various laws including the Local Laws where the property is located hence the services of an expert Property lawyer is necessary. We undertake services of legal advice, litigation services, legal documentation services, and others. We have a dedicated team of Property Lawyers and Real Estate Lawyers for handling real estate matters. It includes a team of legal, paralegal, techno legal manpower for all project advice matters, check on compliance, advice on all environmental and land use issues. At present we are already providing these services to renowned real estate companies.

About Our Work

Our Property Lawyer provides expert litigation services in Ahmedabad for:

  • Civil suits pertaining to property matters
  • Partition suits
  • Lease, license, and other related matters
  • Family estate distribution matters
  • Mesne Profit matters
  • Rent matters
  • Stay on demolition matters
  • Arbitration proceedings in property matters
  • Town Planning Matters
  • Implementation of arbitration awards

We also offer online legal services and advice for:

  • Real estate projects
  • JV in Indian real estate companies
  • Housing colonies and townships
  • TCPO matters
  • Change of land use (CLU) matters
  • FDI advise in real estate
  • Zoning issues in City Master Plan
  • Environmental clearance matters
  • Techno legal advice for housing, industrial projects, commercial complexes
  • Property disputes
  • Sale-Purchase matters
  • Ownership transfer
  • Construction
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion
  • Due diligence on property title, compliance aspects

We also provide online drafting services in areas of Lease Deed, License Agreement, Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, General Power of Attorney, Earnest Money receipts, Assignment Deeds, Builder agreement, and others.

Why Us?

We have a mix of Experienced and Young Lawyers with energetic, dynamic young blood who are competent to represent your case at Civil Court, RERA, Town Planning Authorities, High Court, and Supreme Court. Our team of accomplished property lawyers exhibits traits of analytical fact collection, legitimate research, and representation cohesively. They acknowledge the importance of references, case studies, and underlying fundamentals related to property matters. Since High Court exercises Writ Appellate Jurisdiction and is the ultimate authority in the state to interpret the statute, therefore, when it comes to filing a Revenue Writ petition before them, the original case has to be properly drafted and represented. Our lawyers have thorough research abilities and are well-trained to represent aptly in front of the presiding Judge. They acknowledge the importance of evidence at every stage of appeal. Also, are aware of the diverse fields entangled within the property matters and thus, are versed in how to articulate the arguments for the case accordingly.

“A modern economy is marked by the feasibility of endogenous change: Modernization brings myriad arrangements from expanded property rights to company law and financial institutions.”

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