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About Practice

Our firm Bhatt & Joshi Associates, Ahmedabad are recognized for their professional, and highly experienced team of Land Revenue Lawyers in Gujarat.

Bhatt & Joshi Associates being one of the top law firms provides a complete gamut of Legal Services and expert counsel for Land Revenue matters in Gujarat. Our role not exhaustively but also entails advisory to our clients on Land Revenue-related matters. We also facilitate online drafting of documents, petitions, representations related to it through our highly experienced team of Land Revenue Lawyers. It is important as a client for you to be versed with details of the Land Revenue Law- It is a State subject hence the entire legislation regulating the controlling laws in India is enacted and regulated by the respective states. The Land Acquisition Act 1895 being the earlier legislation regarding the acquisition of land in India is a central legislation that controls and regulates the matters related to land acquisition. For the same, we offer varied services and provide support through advisory. Our capable and trained legal team can undertake all proceedings required for the resolution of the legal matters and cater to all legal requirements of the client with utmost precision and competency.

About Our Work

Our competent land revenue lawyers handle revenue litigation matters before:

  • Land Revenue courts
  • Deputy Collector – Prant Officer
  • Collector Land Revenue
  • Gujarat Revenue Tribunal
  • SSRD – Special Secretary Revenue Department
  • Gujarat High Court
  • Supreme Court

Our lawyers offer support, legal advisory, and other litigation services for:

  • Partition matters in Land revenue
  • Demarcation of land
  • Tenancy Related Matter under Bombay Tenancy Act
  • Matters falling under Gujarat Land Revenue Code i.e Disputes pertaining to Mutation Entries also popularly known as RTS Proceedings
  • Matters pertaining to Agricultural Land
  • Matters pertaining to Gauchar Land and others
  • Litigation services for partition of family lands
  • Legal documentation related to land revenue
  • Due diligence to verify the land title, possession, land use
  • Due diligence for zonal plan verification, legal compliance verification
  • Matters pertaining to Town Planning Act
  • Matters before the High Court of Gujarat in the original Revenue Writ Jurisdiction
  • Letters Patent Appeal against the order in Revenue Writ before High Court of Gujarat

Why Us?

What should you search for in your Land Revenue Lawyers? A combination of experience, as well as young, and dynamic lawyers, skilled at fact collection as sometimes there is more than one conceivable arrangement.

Thus, the Land Revenue Lawyer ought to have the ability to assess each pointer before presenting the case at GRT, SSRD, High Court, and Supreme Court. The High Court also exercises Writ Appellate Jurisdiction and is the ultimate authority in the state to interpret the statute therefore, when it comes to filing a Revenue Writ petition before them, the original case has to be properly drafted and represented. A proficient Land Revenue lawyer has legitimate research abilities- important case laws, points of reference, corrections to help the contentions. It is equally important to represent them before the presiding Judge as any important evidence missed out at the stage of the trial, affects the case at each stage. They are thorough with the Diverse Areas of Law relating to land revenue matters. There are multiple remedies that may be available and it is essential to identify the most appropriate one.

“A modern economy is marked by the feasibility of endogenous change: Modernization brings myriad arrangements from expanded property rights to company law and financial institutions.”

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