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Empowering Defence Industry: Bhatt & Joshi Associates’ Legal Expertise


With the rapid evolution of the defence sector in India, Bhatt & Joshi Associates emerges as a beacon for enterprises navigating this complex landscape. Their reputation as a top-tier legal institution stems from their specialized services that cater specifically to the defence manufacturing sector, ensuring clients stay compliant and well-represented.

India’s Defence Industry Landscape: An Overview

India’s strategic pivot towards indigenous defence industry represents a significant shift away from its historical reliance on foreign imports. This transformation is buoyed by liberalized policies inviting foreign investment and fostering strategic collaborations between international defence firms and Indian entities. The recent policy changes and regulatory measures instituted by the government underscore its commitment to strengthening domestic defence production capabilities.

Navigating FDI in the Defence Sphere

India’s foreign direct investment (FDI) landscape for the defence industry is layered with opportunities and intricacies. While the government has greenlit 100% FDI through the automatic route in certain segments, other areas are capped at 49%, mandating prior approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB). Moreover, the equity stipulations ensure that foreign investors can’t hold more than a 49% stake in a defence entity without government pre-clearance. Here, Bhatt & Joshi Associates stands as a pillar of support, expertly guiding foreign firms through the maze of FDI regulations and suggesting optimal investment avenues.

Demystifying the Defence Procurement Policy (DPP):

The Defence Procurement Policy, an initiative by India’s Ministry of Defence, was conceived to instill transparency and efficiency into the procurement protocols. By charting out clear procurement procedures for defence platforms and equipment, it elucidates the parameters of engagement between domestic and international defence companies. Additionally, the DPP accentuates the importance of domestic content in defence production, while incentivizing home-grown manufacturing prowess. With their vast knowledge, Bhatt & Joshi Associates is well-equipped to enlighten clients on the intricacies of DPP and aid them in seamless procurement undertakings.

Guarding Intellectual Properties in Defence Industry 

Intellectual property rights stand at the forefront of defence industry, shielding innovations, designs, and technology. Recognizing the significance of IPR, Bhatt & Joshi Associates offers its profound expertise in IPR law, ensuring clients’ intellectual assets remain safeguarded and facilitating the resolution of any IPR-related conflicts.

In Closing

In the dynamic world of defence industry in India, Bhatt & Joshi Associates offers unmatched legal counsel. Their holistic suite of services, ranging from FDI advisory to intellectual property protection, positions them as the go-to firm for both domestic and foreign entities aiming for excellence in India’s defence industry.

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