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About Practice

Bhatt & Joshi Associates is an experienced entity wth accomplished Taxation Lawyers in the law domain dealing with Income Tax, Direct Tax and others.

Every individual dreads Taxation. While it is an integral field of Legal services it also requires highly qualified, knowledgable, and experienced Taxation Lawyers. We, Bhatt & Joshi Associates functioning in Ahmedabad, Gujarat provide our clients with the finest and pick of the bunch Taxation Lawyers. We also provide services in coherence with the availability of Income Tax Lawyers and advisors and GST Lawyers. They are proficient in – – Law Compliance And Returns, – Tax Law Documentation, Legal advice, and others We are a firm agglomerating leading Taxation, Income Tax, and GST Lawyer with professional experience of over years and critically analyzing skills. They are experienced in inter-disciplinary domains and are practiced in all matters related to Tax and litigation services in the fields of income tax, Goods and services tax compliance, registration services, and also litigation services in the fields of Income Tax and Goods and Service Tax. We also deal with matters linked with Direct and Indirect Taxation and attempt to provide a specific solution to the situation at hand.

About Our Work

With our competent team of Taxation Lawyers, Income Tax Lawyers we deal with services catering to various domains-

  • CORPORATE TAX – Our Taxation Lawyers and Consultants are professional and skilled with rich experience on Tax and Regulatory matters on both sides; i.e. a mingle of Income Tax Lawyers and GST Lawyers
  • INCOME TAX – Advising and filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR), tax lawyer support scrutiny during Dual Taxation advice, foreign tax advice, etc
  • GST – Advice and compliance of various kinds of taxes including Direct and Indirect Taxation We provide advisory on current government policies in relation to Foreign Investment (inbound) and Repatriation. Legal taxation services for foreign companies, NRIs with our well-read Taxation Lawyers and consultants.
  • LITIGATION SUPPORT – Our taxation lawyers excel at providing advisory to enhance the levels of corporate governance within an organization. Income Tax Appeals and Tax Matters are also handled by our responsible Tax Lawyers with intend to dispense optimum solutions. We also offer online legal documentation and online advice related to tax laws.

Why Us?

While searching for a Tax Lawyer/Taxation Lawyer one must consider hiring a firm that has a fusion of young and adept Tax Lawyers and consultants. They should be capable of resolving legal disputes, contingent tax law matters, and negotiations. Efficient research abilities are an integral part of the work. Thus, the taxation lawyer must be flexible in their work and adaptive to diverse information to anatomize the evidence. Since the information is complex with amalgamated facts it is essential for the tax lawyer to be able to assess it all and provide only selective data. Also, they should be able to represent all factual data aptly in front of the presiding officer. Usually, Tax litigations depending upon the complexity have likelihood to travel from High Court to Supreme Court thus they must be prepared for the consequences. Your chosen tax lawyer should be aware of the diverse fields to articulate the arguments proposed for the case accordingly. Also competency in providing foreign tax advice, Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) compliance, and others are necessary as they are all intertwined.

“A modern economy is marked by the feasibility of endogenous change: Modernization brings myriad arrangements from expanded property rights to company law and financial institutions.”

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