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Special Secretary Revenue Department (SSRD) is an important body of the Revenue Department that deals with land revenue-related matters in Gujarat. Bhatt & Joshi Associates is a well-established law firm that provides top-quality litigation support to clients at SSRD, Ahmedabad. Our accomplished team of SSRD lawyers provides advisory to clients on all land revenue law-related matters falling under the purview of SSRD.


What is Special Secretary Revenue Department(SSRD)?

Special Secretary Revenue Department(SSRD) was constituted in 1964 and derives its powers under the Gujarat Land Revenue Code 1879 and Land Revenue Rules 1972. Orders passed by Collectors, District Development Officers, and Revenue Officers can be challenged before the SSRD by way of filing a Revision Application / Appeal. There is no prescribed format for doing so, however, it can be presented in writing before the Registry.

Powers of Special Secretary Revenue Department(SSRD)

Special Secretary Revenue Department(SSRD) has various powers that include Revision Applications filed against orders passed by Collectors, District Development Officers, and Revenue Officers under section 211 of the Bombay/Gujarat Land Revenue Code, 1879. According to the Rules of Business, 1990, the Revenue Department of the Government of Gujarat has issued Schedule-3 and 7 vide Order No.: OFM-102013/1055/B, dated 19/01/2015. As per which, it is vested with powers to decide in appeal/revision cases. The statutory powers conferred upon it are as follows.

Schedule- III:

  • Appeal under Section-81 (2) of Gujarat Municipality Act-1963
  • Appeal under Section 113(2) of Gujarat Panchayat Act-1993
  • Appeal under Section 6 of The Gujarat Prohibition of Transfer of Immovable Property and Provision of Tenants from Eviction from Premises Undistributed Areas Act-1986
  • The Gujarat Prohibition of Transfer of Transfer of Immovable Property and Provision for Protection of Tenants from Evacuation Form Premises in Disturbed Areas Act-1991, Section 7(D)(2)
  • Appeal Petition under Section-54 and 75 of The Saurashtra Dharkhed Settlement and Agriculture Ordinance-1948

Schedule- VII:

  • Appeal and Revision under Sections-203,204,211 under the Land Revenue Act-1879
  • Revision under Appellate Rule 108(6A) under Gujarat Revenue Rules-1972 
  • Revision under Section-35 of Mumbai Agricultural Land Fragmentation and Consolidation Act-1947
  • Appeal/Revision under section 41-42 of Gujarat Court of Wards Act-1963
  • Revision under Section 76AA of Bombay Enumeration and Agricultural Lands Act-1948
  • Revision under Section 73A(3) of the Bombay Census and Agricultural Lands Act-1948
  • Revision under section 106A(3) of the Mumbai Enumeration and Agricultural Lands (Applicable to Vidarbha and Kutch Area) Act-1958
  • Appeal/Re-examination under Section-2(3) of the Gujarat Agricultural Land Ceiling Act, 1960
  • Section 3(2), 3(3) Appeal/Revision of Mumbai Kutch Area Abolition of Bounty Act-1958
  • Revenue Accounts Resolution No. LTA/1058/IXV/446L. Dt. 25/6/59 and Legal Department No. LTA/1061/96331 dated: 26/11/62, Appeal under RULES-5
  • Appeal under Sections 4 and 5 (a) of the Bombay Talukadari Interests Abolition Act, 1949
  • Abolition of Sagbara and Mewasi Jagir Proprietary Rights Vs. Appeal under Section-3 of the Regulations of 1962

Litigation Support Services Offered by Bhatt & Joshi Associates

We at Bhatt & Joshi Associates offer a wide range of litigation support services to our clients at Special Secretary Revenue Department(SSRD), Ahmedabad. Our experienced and young lawyers are competent in representing cases at GRT, Special Secretary Revenue Department(SSRD), High Court, and Supreme Court, as land revenue cases are highly intertwined, and thus an in-depth knowledge of various Revenue laws and regulations is required to handle such cases effectively.

We offer services such as legal research, drafting of petitions and appeals, filing and presenting cases in various courts, advising clients on legal matters and providing general legal support. Our team is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to handle complex land revenue cases and provide effective solutions to our clients.

We believe in providing personalized attention to each of our clients and keeping them updated on the progress of their case. Our aim is to provide high-quality legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you require any assistance with land revenue cases, feel free to contact us at Bhatt & Joshi Associates.


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