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SEIZURE AND CONFISCATION                                                    After investigation if the goods are found liable for confiscation, the taking of its possession from the owner by the empowered authority is termed as seizure. Confiscation meaning losing of ownership as well after proper adjudication. In other words, confiscation is the lawful taking of the goods whose import is prohibited […]


PROCEDURE OF CUSTOMS UNDER CUSTOMS ACT, 1962 INTRODUCTION: Customs is an authority or tax collection wing appointed by the Government in every country for controlling and for collecting of tax on the flow of goods into and out of a country. ‘Customs Duty’ refers to the tax imposed on the goods when they are transported […]

Radio Chip and Competition Law(Competition Act)

Radio Chip and Competition Law(Competition Act) Introduction Most smartphones have chipsets installed in them that provide integrated wireless services, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Radio services. However, the telecom service providers and mobile companies disable this feature, due to which we cannot avail radio services on our handsets. This may be because, unlike other apps […]

Analysis of Video Conferencing (Part 3)

Analysis of Video Conferencing (Part 3) 47B  Appearances or submissions by video link, audio link or other appropriate means (1)  The Court or a Judge may, for the purposes of any proceeding, direct or allow a person: (a)  to appear before the Court or the Judge; or (b)  to make a submission to the Court […]

Analysis of Video Conferencing (Part 2)

Analysis of Video Conferencing (Part 2) E-courtroom video conferencing rules (Supreme Court) Chapter-1  Part (2) Definitions  (iv) “Court” includes a physical court and a virtual Court or tribunal. (v) “Court Point” means the courtroom or one or more places where the Court is physically convened, or the place where a Commissioner or an inquiring officer […]

Analysis of Video Conferencing

Analysis of Video Conferencing INTRODUCTION Videoconferencing is “the holding of a conference among people at remote locations by means of transmitted audio and video signals.” Through these conferences, individuals meet one another in a real-time virtual manner as if they “were in the same room” without the hassle and the expense of traveling. While slight […]

Electricity Act,2003: Critical Analysis

Electricity Act,2003: Critical Analysis Introduction The technology revolution has brought electricity to the forefront. To regulate the generation, supply and use of electricity, the first legislation was the Electricity Act of 1887 which provided for the protection of person and property, from injury and risks, attendant to the supply and use of electricity for lighting […]


DIVORCE,  MAINTENANCE AND APPEALS UNDER THE HINDU MARRIAGE ACT   Introduction   India is a country with a plethora of ethnicities and religions. Not surprisingly, it has developed different personal laws for communities residing therein. The Hindu Marriage Act was enacted in 1955 with the purpose of codifying and streamlining various religious specific practices that […]