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High Court Jurisdiction in Extending Time Limit of Arbitration Proceedings: A Detailed Look

Introduction: The Jurisdictional Question

As arbitration proceedings gain traction as a preferred dispute resolution method, the question of High Court’s jurisdiction to extend the time limit of these proceedings has arisen. Recently, the case of Aatash Norcontrol Ltd. Vs. Gujarat Maritime Board (2023) has shed light on this pivotal issue.

A question of High Court’s jurisdiction to extend the time limit of arbitration proceedings

High Court’s Power in Arbitration Proceedings

The crux of the issue lies in the Petitioner’s application for an extension of nine months for the ongoing arbitration proceedings under Sections 29A(4) & 29A(5) of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996. The Act and its interpretations are crucial to understanding the scope of the High Court’s jurisdiction.

  • Interpreting the Arbitration & Conciliation Act

The court’s interpretation of Section 2(1)(e) read with section 29A of the Act became the cornerstone of its decision. It was observed that the power to extend the time limit of arbitration is vested in the Principal Civil Court, acting as the Court of original jurisdiction. 

  • Past Cases and their Influence

The decision also relied heavily on the precedent set by the case State of West Bengal & Others Vs. Associated Contractors (2017). In the present case, the parties had not sought the High Court’s intervention under Section 11 for the appointment of an arbitrator, marking a clear distinction from the case of DDA Vs. Tara Chand Sumit Construction Co 2020.

  • High Court’s Jurisdictional Boundaries

The court noted that where the High Court/Supreme Court had previously acted as a Court under Section 29A, it retained power to extend the time limit, given that an application for the appointment of an arbitrator had been made. However, this was not the situation in the current case, and as a result, the High Court did not exercise its jurisdiction to extend the time limit.


The case of Aatash Norcontrol Ltd. v. Gujarat Maritime Board  has provided clarity on the jurisdictional reach of the High Court in extending the time limit of arbitration proceedings. The court’s decision reaffirms that the power to extend the time limit lies with the Principal Civil Court of original jurisdiction. The dismissal of the Petition, while leaving it open for the Petitioner to approach the Principal Civil Court, underscores the nuanced understanding of jurisdictional boundaries in arbitration proceedings.


Author: Parthvi Patel, United World School of Law 



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