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Unpaid Stipends for MBBS Interns: Supreme Court Expresses Concerns

Supreme Court Expresses Concerns Over Unpaid Stipends for MBBS Interns

Judicial Concerns and Discontent

In a recent hearing on February 6, the Supreme Court expressed deep concerns about the complaints filed by MBBS interns regarding the inadequate stipends provided by medical colleges. The bench, led by Justices Sudhanshu Dhulia and Prasanna B Varale, raised questions about the hefty fees charged by medical colleges and their reluctance to pay interns struggling with Unpaid Stipends for MBBS Interns.

Disapproval of Hefty Fees and Unpaid Stipends for MBBS Interns

Justice Dhulia vocalized his discontent, questioning the practices of medical colleges that charge substantial fees but fail to adequately compensate interns. He emphasized the irony of charging exorbitant amounts for education while neglecting to provide interns with their stipends.

Court’s Ultimatum

Justice Dhulia issued a straightforward ultimatum, stating, “Either you pay them, or you don’t have the internship.” This statement reflects the court’s firm stance on the issue, demanding immediate action from the medical colleges to address the concerns raised by the interns.

National Medical Commission’s Role in Resolving Unpaid Stipends for MBBS Interns

The Supreme Court had previously directed the National Medical Commission (NMC) to respond to complaints that a significant number of medical colleges were not paying stipends or were not meeting the minimum stipend requirements for MBBS interns. The court expressed dissatisfaction with the NMC’s response, emphasizing the need for compliance with stipend norms.

Specific Case of Army College of Medical Sciences

One of the writ petitions in this matter was filed by students of the Army College of Medical Sciences (ACMS). The Court had previously directed ACMS to pay Rs. 25,000 per month as a stipend to medical interns. In the recent hearing, the senior advocate for ACMS clarified that the institution is not government-run and does not receive any governmental aid.

Delayed Stipend Payments 

During the hearing, it was revealed that some petitioners from ACMS had not received stipends despite joining in April. The Court directed ACMS to ensure prompt payment to the affected interns, reiterating its stance that stipends are a non-negotiable aspect of internships.

Tagged Matters and Future Proceedings

Several similar matters, including a petition by foreign medical graduates challenging non-payment of stipends, have been tagged with the main case. The Court asked all parties to file relevant documents and scheduled the matter for further hearing after four weeks.

Conclusion: Addressing Unpaid Stipends for MBBS Interns

In conclusion, the Supreme Court’s intervention in the matter highlights its commitment to ensuring fair treatment and compensation for MBBS interns. The judiciary’s emphasis on prompt stipend payments underscores the importance of addressing financial concerns faced by medical interns during their crucial internship period.



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